The Ghostwriter-Author Relationship

Working with a ghostwriter may seem daunting to the uninitiated. But fear not! We are not phantoms who haunt you—ethereal beings who suddenly appear and make you anxious. We do, however, elicit information for your benefit—to tell your story in your voice. As you speak to us, you will feel a gentle transformation—a lightness of heart that provides you with purpose and intention. That lithe feeling becomes part of you throughout your odyssey, creating your story. 

You will not require any form of intervention to obliterate the feeling. In fact, you will want to remain in that state of self-awareness and purpose. 

 Ghostwriters are not supernatural beings, but we can transform imagination into reality—the magical manifestation of your thoughts in the written word. 

Not only are we wordsmiths; we are empaths with heightened awareness of the human condition. Some people believe we read minds, but again, please know that we are not sorcerers but living human beings with hearts, the uncommon ability and intense inclination to care.

You may feel reluctant to divulge information, but know we are with you in spirit to guide you on the path to self-realization as an author, and we don’t take credit for a syllable (unless, of course, you deign to mention us—favorably please). 

Once we fulfill the designated task, we fly away at your command or linger to witness your success and fulfillment. The author-ghostwriter relationship is one of the most nurturing, emotionally unconditional experiences and may even (incidentally) alter your perspective on the paranormal.

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