A Ghostwriter’s Mission

Everyone has a mission and vision for their lives and careers that define who they are—a fundamental intention. In my career and personal interactions, I have always maintained a steadfast wish to look beyond myself and my personal predilections to listen with an open mind to various perspectives—even those divergent from mine. Everyone’s voice resonates with purpose, and even if I find myself at opposite ends of the spectrum from my esteemed authors or friends, I endeavor to quiet the inner whispers of my mind and heart to provide a forum for those who seek my help, counsel, or support—if their perspectives seek to further a positive message.

To foreclose expression in deference to a specific ideology is to engage in dogma, which to me, edifies a proverbial brick wall.

I also seek to help people in all strata of society, and in choosing my authors, I welcome a variety of topics. I’m not a niche ghost—I don’t have a specific genre or place where I fit. I’m at home in the marketplace of ideas and cultures and can “speak the language” of every one of them. 

Unleashing creativity means getting to know and understand various ideas without judging, and most of all, embracing the inherent beauty of diversity. Without it, no flower garden would be worth planting and cultivating, and no one in humanity who goes unchallenged can ever seek to prove a point meaningfully. Conceptualization and healthy, open dialogue foster evolution, growth, and a truly magical…

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