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The Message of COVID-19: A Call to Our Better Angels

“Work Interrupted” ~ William-Adolphe Bouguereau

At times, it takes a crisis for humanity to recognize the significance of oneness consciousness—the idea of a collective state of being in which all of us become responsible for each other—instead of remaining trapped in our illusory “separateness.” We are all interdependent. When one breathes out, multitudes inhale that same air, with the identical form of respiration.

Humans are inherently social beings. We need one another to exist—to know that we matter to someone or many. Now, as social distancing keeps us physically apart, we are being forced to remind ourselves of how deeply we are connected to each other on the visceral levels of heart and soul. Our understanding of one another deepens as we realize that we are experiencing a global threat— in concert. The virus compels us to acknowledge our commonalities rather than our differences and beckons us to shift from an “I” to a “we” mindset. 

Although the virus keeps us in isolation, we have more time for reflection to look within, instead of without, to aspire to something higher than our mundane preoccupations, to understand the importance of being together or the pain of avoiding contact with those we deeply love for the sake of mutual health and safety.

Avaricious consumerism must shift from how much we have or wish to acquire to obtain life’s bare necessities and a corresponding awareness that it is not all for me, but for us. Inclusion is the order of the day

Oddly, the pathogen lives well on currency (There is something more formidable than money!)

Interruptions in life’s daily concourse signal an opportunity to heed our inner whisperings—the angels that alight on our shoulders, telling us who we truly are— each other.

The virus does not discriminate based on race, religion, culture, or national origin. It strikes the human family regardless of perspective or political affiliation. It is not on the ballot and cares nothing for strident debate.  

Ego is on hiatus.

 The luxury of dining in the balmy (pre)spring air, the joy of being with friends or loved ones, or shaking the hands of strangers (friends that we newly meet) must be deferred for a brighter tomorrow.

Now, we must affirm the most cherished gift of all: the breath of life that we share as a human family.

 When the day finally comes when we can freely reach out and share a hug, a meal, a glass of wine (or sparkling water), or an affectionate glance, that microcosmic event will be more precious than ever.

Loving, positive emanations flow to everyone! 

Copyright © Gabriella Gafni, 2020

Write a Book!

The World Is Yours To Shape …

Writing a book gives you license to express your ideas and feelings about any number and kind of subjects. Every expression of sentiment and each ideological precept are as valuable as a drop in the ocean. Without that seemingly minute addition to the vast life-giving body of water, the entirety would not exist. 

Dare to create and find the magic,  power, and far-reaching impact of words. Giving life to a thought in the written word is, in essence, your unique imprint on life’s canvas. Don’t be afraid of where the idea can take you, for you will never know just how much you can change the world — and maybe even yourself — unless you try!

Write A Book, and Watch
Your World Bloom, Like The Flowers Below …

Creative Collaboration and Commitment: A Winning Combination

What ‘Hiring a Ghostwriter’  Means

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Hiring a ghostwriter signifies a willingness to share ideas through an interactive dialogue with your writing collaborator. It is not enough to present an amorphous collection of facts or generalized statements to your ghostwriter and then entirely relinquish involvement in the project. 

When life presents obstacles to a full commitment and participation, it is best to wait until such obstructions disappear—or, at least, significantly diminish so that you can focus. Communicate your circumstances to your ghostwriter, who will understand and respect your specific issue and work with you to reach the best resolution possible. Rapport, trust, and commitment are the hallmarks of a successful collaboration.

Often, the desire to collaborate with a ghostwriter and the mere idea of a book supersede a prospective author’s ability to contribute. It is important to remember, however, that a narrative does not simply materialize through a well-intentioned desire or even cursory ideas. 

Writing collaboration involves a sustained commitment between all parties. Otherwise, your writing collaborator will be in peril of drowning in an ocean of uncertainty and second-guessing without an anchor, without knowing whether she or he is ‘on the right track’ in the heartfelt task of manifesting your vision. 

While the writing collaborator must be accountable for fulfilling the project, the author’s responsibility involves providing information on the subject matter, copiously reviewing materials, and making necessary changes to suit his or her intention. 

As ‘a work for hire,’ the finished product will be the sole intellectual property of the author, with his or her name designated on the front cover (unless otherwise specified). Acknowledgement or co-authorship is always greatly appreciated, though not required.

The foregoing elements, along with financial commitment, are the foundation of a successful creative collaboration. 

Experience the exhilaration of becoming an author and begin your journey when your heart and circumstances allow you to rise to the occasion.

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Ideas, Communication, Authorship!

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So, you have an idea for a story, a book, a screenplay, an essay, or some ruminations to share, but the words are jumbled in your mind, destined for the circular file— if you don’t do something quickly. You are not alone. Take a deep breath, relax, and do what every responsible author does to obliterate writer’s block, time pressures, or other challenges:


When you delegate your writing task to someone
whom you can trust, you relinquish nothing and gain everything, especially the opportunity to work with an expert wordsmith who cares about your ideas and looks forward to serving as a conduit through which they take shape. Together, working as a team, you and your ghostwriter will conquer the sometimes seemingly insurmountable hurdle of putting your thoughts to print.

From first draft to publication, you will be astonished at the manner in which your message unfolds. Teamwork is the key. You and your writing collaborator must be in frequent communication, working in tandem to achieve your ultimate objective of becoming a published author. Along the way, you will witness the formation of a deeply personal miracle:  a product that you are proud to display to the world — in your voice and style, infused with your perspective.

There isn’t any magic formula to the process—no mysteries that must be unearthed. It’s all within you. You are the source of the finished product—your book—the sum and substance of often longstanding latent thoughts and dreams.  

Begin your journey with confidence, find an ally in the process, reach for the stars, and become a published author.