Become A Change Agent


In this fast-paced, often vitriolic era, people do not realize how deeply their words impact others. Words are the whisperings of the heart and mind. Therefore, we must be careful about how and in what context we use them. Ideas, after all, often culminate in action. Here is the trajectory: Idea—>Words—>Action.

Framing a sentence doesn’t merely involve putting a set of letters onto a page. The meaning and significance of each syllable manifest in the overall tenor of the feelings behind the words—that which the author actually intends.

In the law, “intent” is defined as “knowledge and purpose.” With these elements, we can achieve anything—for and in the name of the collective good.

Whether you want to promote a brand, reach a specific target audience, or inspire others, you can achieve your purpose by expressing your perspectives in the written word.  Maya Angelou once said, “when you learn, teach.”

All of us are inherently students and teachers, gleaning from experiences and each other.

When you reach out, you receive an indescribable sense of fulfillment that you can, in turn, confer to others. Books are tools for such communication, and through the words that you project, you can become a change agent—a light beacon in the endless storm and stress of life.

Hire a ghostwriter and begin your odyssey to authorship.

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