Why Ghostwriting?


There isn’t any shame in hiring a ghostwriter. The most well-known, renowned, illustrious individuals rely on ghosts to craft their story. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you don’t have skill. On the contrary, all human beings are innately capable of beckoning the Creative Muse. However, writing takes time, aptitude and training, and one cannot expect to become a published author by enrolling in classes or online seminars.

There shouldn’t be any mystery or even a methodology employed. Writing is an organic, free-flowing experience. Once information is gathered, processed and organized, the actual task of fashioning narratives, articles, or any type of writing will be absolutely painless.

Partnering with a writing collaborator makes the process pleasant and expeditious, and ensures that you will produce a pristine published work. Upon completion, you will feel confident that anyone who takes the book in hand will hear your voice and heartbeat in the sentiments expressed.

Throughout the collaborative process, you will retain full creative control over your text and full intellectual copyrights thereto. Your materials will be kept confidential up to and until publication, and Gabriella, your ghostwriter, will not claim any portion of the text as her own.

Naturally, if you opt to accord recognition to your ghostwriter, either in the form of an acknowledgment or with a co-authorship, you may do so. However, that decision is entirely at your discretion.

The most rewarding aspect of ghostwriting is the absence of ego — the ability to set aside personal concerns, long-held beliefs and perspectives — for the sake of others. There are many diverse opinions in the world, and as long as those predilections conduce to the collective good, there is no need to employ labels, such as “right” or “wrong,” “bad” or “good.” All of us function and live under the rubric of the First Amendment and other myriad laws — not to mention codes of conduct — which everyone shares in all civilized societies. Therefore, we must respect one another and set aside judgments for a higher purpose, which is, ultimately, to rejoice in our common humanity and truly love one another.

In subordinating her concerns for the sake of others, Gabriella does not haphazardly and indiscriminately take on writing projects. By means of a preliminary consultation, she screens her prospective authors to glean their precise intent and assess whether the project is “a good fit.”

As with all other associations, the author-ghostwriter relationship must be grounded in trust and the ability to freely communicate with one another. The results will delight and uplift you and your readership.