The Message of COVID-19: A Call to Our Better Angels

“Work Interrupted” ~ William-Adolphe Bouguereau

At times, it takes a crisis for humanity to recognize the significance of oneness consciousness—the idea of a collective state of being in which all of us become responsible for each other—instead of remaining trapped in our illusory “separateness.” We are all interdependent. When one breathes out, multitudes inhale that same air, with the identical form of respiration.

Humans are inherently social beings. We need one another to exist—to know that we matter to someone or many. Now, as social distancing keeps us physically apart, we are being forced to remind ourselves of how deeply we are connected to each other on the visceral levels of heart and soul. Our understanding of one another deepens as we realize that we are experiencing a global threat— in concert. The virus compels us to acknowledge our commonalities rather than our differences and beckons us to shift from an “I” to a “we” mindset. 

Although the virus keeps us in isolation, we have more time for reflection to look within, instead of without, to aspire to something higher than our mundane preoccupations, to understand the importance of being together or the pain of avoiding contact with those we deeply love for the sake of mutual health and safety.

Avaricious consumerism must shift from how much we have or wish to acquire to obtain life’s bare necessities and a corresponding awareness that it is not all for me, but for us. Inclusion is the order of the day

Oddly, the pathogen lives well on currency (There is something more formidable than money!)

Interruptions in life’s daily concourse signal an opportunity to heed our inner whisperings—the angels that alight on our shoulders, telling us who we truly are— each other.

The virus does not discriminate based on race, religion, culture, or national origin. It strikes the human family regardless of perspective or political affiliation. It is not on the ballot and cares nothing for strident debate.  

Ego is on hiatus.

 The luxury of dining in the balmy (pre)spring air, the joy of being with friends or loved ones, or shaking the hands of strangers (friends that we newly meet) must be deferred for a brighter tomorrow.

Now, we must affirm the most cherished gift of all: the breath of life that we share as a human family.

 When the day finally comes when we can freely reach out and share a hug, a meal, a glass of wine (or sparkling water), or an affectionate glance, that microcosmic event will be more precious than ever.

Loving, positive emanations flow to everyone! 

Copyright © Gabriella Gafni, 2020