Ideas, Communication, Authorship!

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So, you have an idea for a story, a book, a screenplay, an essay, or some ruminations to share, but the words are jumbled in your mind, destined for the circular file— if you don’t do something quickly. You are not alone. Take a deep breath, relax, and do what every responsible author does to obliterate writer’s block, time pressures, or other challenges:


When you delegate your writing task to someone
whom you can trust, you relinquish nothing and gain everything, especially the opportunity to work with an expert wordsmith who cares about your ideas and looks forward to serving as a conduit through which they take shape. Together, working as a team, you and your ghostwriter will conquer the sometimes seemingly insurmountable hurdle of putting your thoughts to print.

From first draft to publication, you will be astonished at the manner in which your message unfolds. Teamwork is the key. You and your writing collaborator must be in frequent communication, working in tandem to achieve your ultimate objective of becoming a published author. Along the way, you will witness the formation of a deeply personal miracle:  a product that you are proud to display to the world — in your voice and style, infused with your perspective.

There isn’t any magic formula to the process—no mysteries that must be unearthed. It’s all within you. You are the source of the finished product—your book—the sum and substance of often longstanding latent thoughts and dreams.  

Begin your journey with confidence, find an ally in the process, reach for the stars, and become a published author.



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