Creative Collaboration and Commitment: A Winning Combination

What ‘Hiring a Ghostwriter’  Means

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Hiring a ghostwriter signifies a willingness to share ideas through an interactive dialogue with your writing collaborator. It is not enough to present an amorphous collection of facts or generalized statements to your ghostwriter and then entirely relinquish involvement in the project. 

When life presents obstacles to a full commitment and participation, it is best to wait until such obstructions disappear—or, at least, significantly diminish so that you can focus. Communicate your circumstances to your ghostwriter, who will understand and respect your specific issue and work with you to reach the best resolution possible. Rapport, trust, and commitment are the hallmarks of a successful collaboration.

Often, the desire to collaborate with a ghostwriter and the mere idea of a book supersede a prospective author’s ability to contribute. It is important to remember, however, that a narrative does not simply materialize through a well-intentioned desire or even cursory ideas. 

Writing collaboration involves a sustained commitment between all parties. Otherwise, your writing collaborator will be in peril of drowning in an ocean of uncertainty and second-guessing without an anchor, without knowing whether she or he is ‘on the right track’ in the heartfelt task of manifesting your vision. 

While the writing collaborator must be accountable for fulfilling the project, the author’s responsibility involves providing information on the subject matter, copiously reviewing materials, and making necessary changes to suit his or her intention. 

As ‘a work for hire,’ the finished product will be the sole intellectual property of the author, with his or her name designated on the front cover (unless otherwise specified). Acknowledgement or co-authorship is always greatly appreciated, though not required.

The foregoing elements, along with financial commitment, are the foundation of a successful creative collaboration. 

Experience the exhilaration of becoming an author and begin your journey when your heart and circumstances allow you to rise to the occasion.

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