Thoughts and Musings

iBookCover Think of what you wish to say and communicate that idea to your ghostwriter so that your intentions can manifest. Your message cannot transmit telepathically (although, at times, for brief intervals, this is not out of the realm of possibility).  Generally, however, the author must be prepared to tell the ghostwriter what he or she expects to achieve and the basic tenor and purpose of the message.

The author must be willing to commit to the project and be on hand to follow through to its completion. This commitment is not only financial in nature, but also emotional and psychological. Once you decide to undertake writing your book, article, or other genres of text, you must stay with the program. Understand that time is of the essence — not only in your world but the ghostwriter’s, as well.  A writing for hire is a bargained-for exchange, designed to benefit the parties involved, and must not be forsaken.

Naturally, sometimes, life gets in the way of living, and if there are exigent circumstances that warrant a temporary or prolonged cessation of the project, do not hesitate to express those concerns.

Gabriella will be your ally in the process and seek to accommodate your objectives at every stage.