The Building Blocks of Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurship is as much a matter of self-actualization as it is a business venture. It involves understanding what you want out of your business—not only for the sake of financial gain—but also the development of the required skill set, the extent to which you can produce and how quickly, and your willingness to learn more about your industry. The more you know, and the more advanced your knowledge becomes, the more you can educate and inspire your clients. 

The following are the building blocks of entrepreneurial success:

(1) Interpersonal Communication Skills

Starting a business is far more than compiling and organizing spreadsheets. It’s interpersonal communication, understanding your clients’ expectations, and rising to the challenge—with a willingness to adapt to unexpected situations and questions, as well as the ability to conquer pitfalls (e.g., recalcitrant clients, unforeseen deadlines, and other unpredictable obstacles along the way).

Open dialogue is a vital component of being an entrepreneur. Effective communication bridges gaps in understanding. Also, a meaningful dialogue obliterates uncertainty and brings people together—even across seemingly insurmountable divides. Further, open communication fosters a sense of trust and the promise of a long-term relationship.

(2)  The Ability to Compromise and Take Risks

The ability to compromise is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. You and your client can agree to disagree amicably and arrive at a reasonable, mutually beneficial outcome. Resistance, on the other hand, is the antithesis of a fruitful collaboration. Forget Newton’s third law of physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Your reaction to any given circumstance need not be forced or compelled but suggested, with a feeling of mutual respect, authenticity, and eagerness to welcome diverse opinions. 

In the process, you will confront challenges and have to take risks. But if you believe in yourself and your expertise, those challenges become steppingstones to the goal of raising the bar for yourself and your clients.

(3) Listening and Accepting Criticism

A corollary to comprise is the ability to listen, conceptualize, and lightheartedly receive criticism. A bruised ego immediately heals for an individual with heightened self-awareness and confidence in their discipline. 

(4) Loving Your Work

When you love your work and embrace the process, you are not working at all. You are living your best life, edifying yourself, your clients, and those you love. “The grind” of a daily routine doesn’t exist. Every day offers an exciting chance to adapt, grow, and learn more than you ever dreamed possible. You also give in unimaginable ways, reaching out to people you may never have known had you not awakened to your chosen skill set and all the possibilities it affords you.

(5) Self-care and Laughter

The successful entrepreneur takes time to enjoy, savor, and laugh with loved ones and life itself. Sometimes, days can seem like a rollercoaster. But when you embrace the experience —and even laugh at the stumbles—taking time to engage in self-care, pausing to acknowledge what is most significant in your life—you never lose sight of the gifts that life bestows every day. That’s why it’s called “the present.”

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